eiffel for you

Eiffel for You

People always say
that the most wonderful time of relationship
happens before it really happens
when two people are together
the magic vanishes easily
thought it’d be better
If I chase you longer
Otherwise, if we together right away
It’d be less fun
As the time goes by
the old days when I tried
everything to get closer to you
having being loved by you makes it
harder for me to feel other’s love
You are the girl that I chased for years
who else is going to share this memory
with me if you are gone
and then, the darkest time is coming
suddenly you are with another guy
that is more than enough
to make me jealous like hell
do you believe in parallel universe?
maybe in that universe we are together
I’ll bring you everything
I would travel the world with you
see the most beautiful scenery in the world
see the joy within us
see the light right in your eyes
then we will be together as one
This is love
and this is Eiffel for you


Birunya Rindu


Footprints in the sand


Takut Melupakanmu

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